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Life After Bankruptcy: Asheville Lawyer’s Advice for Rebuilding Finances

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At Pitts, Hay & Hugenschmidt, we understand that filing for bankruptcy can feel like the end of a challenging chapter in your financial life. However, it’s also the beginning of a new one—a fresh start where you can rebuild and regain financial health. Our Asheville-based team is committed to guiding you through this transformative period […]

Protecting Your Assets During Bankruptcy: Tips from Asheville Lawyers

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Filing for bankruptcy can be a formidable step, filled with uncertainties and complexities. It’s a situation where you feel you might lose everything you’ve worked hard to acquire. However, with careful planning and expert legal guidance, it is possible to protect your assets and navigate through these troubled waters. At Pitts, Hay & Hugenschmidt, our […]

Steps to Take Before Filing for Bankruptcy: Asheville Expert Advice

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Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a significant step that involves careful consideration and planning. At Pitts, Hay & Hugenschmidt, we understand the challenges that come with financial distress. Our Asheville-based team of experts has compiled a detailed guide to help you navigate the preliminary steps you should take before filing for bankruptcy. By following […]

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