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Life After Bankruptcy: Asheville Lawyer’s Advice for Rebuilding Finances

At Pitts, Hay & Hugenschmidt, we understand that filing for bankruptcy can feel like the end of a challenging chapter in your financial life. However, it’s also the beginning of a new one—a fresh start where you can rebuild and regain financial health. Our Asheville-based team is committed to guiding you through this transformative period with expert legal advice and supportive measures. Here are some key strategies to help you rebuild your finances after bankruptcy.

Understanding Your Financial Status Post-Bankruptcy

Review and Reassess Your Financial Situation

The first step in rebuilding after bankruptcy is understanding your current financial status. This involves reviewing what led to bankruptcy and what your current financial obligations are. Analyzing these aspects will help you avoid past mistakes and build a more stable financial future.

Develop a Budget

Creating a realistic budget that accounts for your essential needs is crucial. It will help you manage your finances efficiently and ensure you live within your means. Start by listing your income sources and monthly expenses. Prioritize essential spending and find areas where you can cut back.

Rebuilding Your Credit

Start Small with Secured Credit Cards

One of the quickest ways to start rebuilding your credit score post-bankruptcy is through secured credit cards. These require a cash deposit that serves as your credit limit. If you use the card responsibly by making small purchases and paying off the balance each month, you can begin to demonstrate financial reliability.

Consider a Credit Builder Loan

Credit builder loans are another excellent tool for improving your credit score. These loans work by the lender depositing a small amount of money into a secured savings account that you cannot access until you have made all your payments. This responsible behavior is reported to credit bureaus, thereby helping to increase your credit score.

Managing Debt Wisely

Understand New Credit Terms

Post-bankruptcy, you might be wary of using credit. However, managing credit wisely is essential to rebuilding your credit profile. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions of any new credit agreements, focusing on interest rates, fees, and repayment terms.

Avoid High-Interest Loans

While it may be tempting to take out payday loans or high-interest personal loans, especially when you’re in a financial bind, these can lead to a debt spiral. Always look for the most favorable borrowing terms and prioritize loans that offer manageable interest rates.

Savings and Emergency Funds

Start an Emergency Fund

One of the essential tips for financial stability is creating an emergency fund. Start small, even if it’s just a few dollars each week. The goal is to build up to an amount that can cover at least three to six months of living expenses. This fund will provide a financial cushion and reduce the need to incur debt in case of unexpected expenses.

Invest Wisely

Once your emergency fund is established, and you’re managing your debts wisely, consider investing to further your financial stability. Consult with a financial advisor to find investment options that suit your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Stay Informed and Seek Continuous Improvement

Regularly Check Your Credit Report

Regularly reviewing your credit report is crucial for understanding your financial progress and ensuring that all the information is accurate. You are entitled to a free credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus annually. Take advantage of this to monitor your financial recovery.

Continuous Education

Staying informed about financial management strategies is crucial. Engage in financial education through workshops, articles, or financial advisement. At Pitts, Hay & Hugenschmidt, we provide resources and counseling to help our clients understand and manage their financial situations better.


Bankruptcy does not have to define your financial future. With the right strategies and support, you can rebuild your finances and enjoy a stable, prosperous life. At Pitts, Hay & Hugenschmidt, we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. Contact us today for more personalized advice and to learn how we can assist you in your journey to financial recovery. Remember, the road to financial recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, and every step you take is a step towards a better financial future.

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